Point-of-Sale for Macintosh

Replace your cash register and put a Mac at the point of sale in your business. Provide better customer service and inventory control.

MacPOS Point of Sale Solutions

MacPOS Solutions was started when the Mac 128k was first released in 1984. We sold the first version of MacPOS to the Titusville Beverage Company in 1986 and they continue to use it today with our latest version on OS X Mavericks. We strive to make the best Mac POS software, the most affordable and easiest to use POS solution for your Macintosh. MacPOS, with industry standard point of sale hardware, barcode readers and peripherals, provides your business with inventory control, workflow management and improved customer service.

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MacPOS is Fast, Customizable and Easy-to-Use

About the Video

The above video shows starting a sales session and creating an order, adding an item and then Check Out.
The payment is made with cash, change is calculated and a receipt is printed.
With the MacPOS Layout Editor you can customize the windows and receipts to use your company logo.
Select from several built-in design layouts that best fits your business type.
Change the fields and controls that appear in the layout.
Set the font size, style and colors that you want to see, not what we decide. Brand the POS layout to your company's style!
The video shows how fast a sale can be started and finished while tracking your inventory and providing detailed sales information.

View full-screen in HD on YouTube for the best quality.

Current MacPOS Promotions

MacPOS Express
Retail POS software for use on a single Mac. Easy to use, fast, powerful and affordable.
MacPOS $399
Point of sale software for Cafe POS, Restaurant POS and Food Service.
MacPOS $399
Full-featured multiuser retail inventory control and Point-of-sale software.
POS Hardware Support  

MacPOS supports industry standard point-of-sale hardware.
We provide your business with a complete point-of-sale solution from one source.
And unlike the many other POS vendors, we know and love Macs.


Button Mode Entry

Customize the TouchPad with your Products.
Create unique entry screens and add your products to a ticket with a quick click.
With the MacPOS Layout Editor you can change the colors, fonts and much more.
Create Category buttons that displays all items automatically or add them individually.
Use the entire monitor or a small scalable window.


MacPOS Pro

Full-featured professional version for multiple Macs connecting to shared database.

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MacPOS Standard

Full-featured version for a single Mac. Easy upgrade to Pro when you need more POS or back office Macs all connected to a single database

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MacPOS Cafe

Point-of-Sale for Cafe, Restaurant and Bars

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